PPI has launched "Performance Pluses" - short but powerful webcasts that provide answers to common business problems. The goal is maximize your return on 20-min. of time by giving you information you can immediately use. The content will be practical and useable and will be conveyed via tips, techniques, traps to avoid, specific examples, etc.

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Top 3 Project Blow-Ups to Avoid in 2012: Winning the Battle between Business and IT

  1. The data security initiative looks like a big success... until it accidentally blows up the supply chain and accounting. Oops!
  2. You've got big data, big legacy systems, big problems, and a big project to deal with them. Which keeps getting bigger, and sucking up more time and resources... Will it never end?
  3. The project did everything it was supposed to do. Critical processes have new IT-enabled capabilities. So where are the results we all expected?
A project can meet all its technical milestones, but if it doesn't work for the business too, it's going down in flames-and it could take you with it.

YOU CAN AVOID DISASTER... if you know how to find and defuse the project-bombs before they explode.

This webinar examines some of the biggest ways a project can destroy itself in spite of the best project management, and offers practical tips with a record of success for keeping your own projects in the clear.

Date: TBD

Webcasts on the horizon include:

  • When good numbers go bad - eliminating Performance Metric Gotchas
  • Really making Functional Groups accountable for Service Level Agreements
  • Best Practices in PMO's - leadership techniques that get results from people who don't report to you!
  • New products, continued growth, fewer resources - how do you manage?
  • Averting the dangers in User Defined Applications

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For more information on these topics or on how PPI can help you improve your business performance, please email us at info@performanceplusinc.com.

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