PPI differentiates itself through our strategy and execution.

PPI Client Strategy

Our client strategy has three core components:

  • Focus on improving client operations
    Client strategies are unproductive without excellent execution. Yet, numerous companies rate themselves below par on their ability to execute. PPI's core expertise is operations, with in-the-trenches know-how. This expertise when combined with consulting prowess and IT competency results in effective client solutions.

  • Produce accountable results
    Fortunately for our clients we don't employ a "minimum engagement size." We agree with clients taking a "what did you do for me today" attitude. We choose to assist clients on projects that require fast results. On larger projects, we even institute short-term milestones to ensure visible PPI accountability. As a testament to answerability, certain PPI contracts are contingency based, using predetermined results as the engagement fee basis.

  • Offer economical rates
    The Focus and Accountability prerequisites to our strategy help us employ productive expert staff on a regional basis. Our efficiency and our size minimizes client time and significantly reduces expenses such as overhead, recruiting, training and travel. These savings are passed onto clients via very competitive fee structures.
Engagement Execution

We believe in practicing what you preach - improve client execution through engagement execution. Namely:

  • Turn consulting work into measurable client results
    PPI consistently strives to ensure that we meet client expectations - both qualitative and quantitative expectations. This is accomplished by ensuring clear project definition & design, by blending knowledge of Performance, Risk and Cost Management on engagement execution and by using objective engagement measurements.

  • Create sustainable deliverables
    PPI deliverables are practical tools and information that are put into practice right away. The deliverables will fit your specific situation, timing needs and project objectives. You won't receive high level, idealistic recommendations that just create more angst.

  • Help create Client Champions
    Simply put, help develop client staff. We believe in sharing knowledge with clients using approaches that engage them, leverage their expertise and increase their ability to further their ongoing operational improvement needs.

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Operations & IT Assessment Operational gains result from process improvement and IT productivity. An Assessment measures how effectively your IT and business processes are at meeting both customer demands and your functional goals. Assessments also accompany IT implementation initiatives to more closely align business with enabling IT.
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Future State Build The complexity of the proposed changes and the nature of the organization are key factors in determining how implementation of operational improvements will actually be performed. To ensure that implementation is successful, PPI emphasizes a practical design, evaluation of enabling IT and integration of key performance metrics.
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Client Testimonials A few words from our clients to show their satisfaction with our work.
  • "YOU GUYS ROCK! Thanks for such a quick turnaround."

  • "I am INSPIRED now! I see the clear path towards developing the future state and want to go get started on it right away."

  • "PPI is an ESSENTIAL part of the team..."
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