PPI's clients are eager to express their satisfaction with the services they have received:

  • "Great job to everyone with the analysis and slide preparation for your segment leads. All commented that they did not have any time to do them and would not have been able to with all their meetings had PPI not taken the initiative and created the slides. Overall, they were extremely pleased."

  • "The Oracle meetings seem to be going very well. Everyone reviewed your operational analyses and process maps in detail and walked through them as a group. They were really beneficial to the Oracle team who still has much to learn about group business - but you guys did a great job pulling together and organizing a tremendous amount of information - so thanks for that."

  • "Thanks to all the PPI folks for really helping us move along and shifting gears along the path. There has been so much accomplished this week and we are in good shape for productive meetings next week."

  • "You guys ROCK!!! Thanks for such a quick turnaround!"

  • "I am impressed by the Structure document, it is very thorough and critical for everyone to read through it in detail. It is an excellent document and everyone must understand what it means for our future state."

  • "I just wanted to let you know that everyone on your team has been doing an excellent job. We had a very tight time line for the structure work and your team conducted all of the interviews and created the format for data collection and presentation. They were also valuable members of our future state discussions. Finally, I am super pleased that they basically created the presentation for the face to face meeting without me even having to ask for them. Teamwork at its optimal level."

  • "PPI is an essential part of the team. We need you to keep on pushing for the lofty future state heights. We have to get down into the details and we will drag you with us, but keep pushing us for the bigger picture. We need you to do that to understand both high level and detailed aspects."

  • "Your team knocked the lights out today"

  • "Good work today! It can be a tough crowd, but you covered all the bases and helped us move along - thanks."

  • "I am inspired now! I see the clear path towards developing the future state and want to go get started on it right away."

  • "Your assignment for the core team does a really good job of making us capture ideas in writing. Previously, many thoughts have just been assumed, but this exercise is good in that."
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Operations & IT Assessment Operational gains result from process improvement and IT productivity. An Assessment measures how effectively your IT and business processes are at meeting both customer demands and your functional goals. Assessments also accompany IT implementation initiatives to more closely align business with enabling IT.
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Future State Build The complexity of the proposed changes and the nature of the organization are key factors in determining how implementation of operational improvements will actually be performed. To ensure that implementation is successful, PPI emphasizes a practical design, evaluation of enabling IT and integration of key performance metrics.
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Case Studies All PPI engagements are aimed at productivity improvement via increases in operational effectiveness and focused on accomplishing key project-specific objectives.
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