Using PPI as a Specialized Team

There are many different reasons why an organization may need to review and change its operational processes. Business process transformation is not just about cutting costs. It's a way to:

  • Streamline complicated workflows
  • Improve risk management in a changing business environment
  • Utilize staff more efficiently
  • Create a smooth and responsive supply chain
  • Consolidate operations on optimized standards
  • Enhance the organization's ability to make the most of current and future opportunities

In today's business climate, if you're not moving forward, you're falling behind. Business transformation is a way to increase operating profits and achieve long-term growth.

PPI services focus on assisting clients achieve sustainable business improvement.

Business Improvement Tailored to Fit

Some business improvement projects are massive enterprise-wide undertakings driven by major IT implementations - but they don't all have to be. In many cases, important improvements can be achieved by acting on a small scale, within a functional group, to drive value from incremental changes that may or may not have a large IT component.

PPI can draw on experience with improvement processes at both ends of the complexity scale to design an approach that fits a client's specific real-world parameters. A small project may be just what's needed to turn around a troublesome process, or to lay the groundwork for the possibility of larger improvements later on.

Mix and Match

The complete lifecycle of a business improvement project includes several distinct phases of activity:

In an optimal fashion, an operational improvement project would start with a Current State Assessment and proceed through implementation of the desired state.

In the real world... it's not so tidy. Projects start and stop, get rethought, bounce around through organizational shuffles, and come up again with different sponsors, budgets, and priorities.

That's not a reason to maintain the status quo - move ahead! PPI can come in at any stage of a project's lifecycle and get results that make a difference to your business.

Whether you're looking for a quick fix to a small problem or something much larger, for a project that's newly minted or one that's been around the block a few times - PPI can help.

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Operations & IT Assessment Operational gains result from process improvement and IT productivity. An Assessment measures how effectively your IT and business processes are at meeting both customer demands and your functional goals. Assessments also accompany IT implementation initiatives to more closely align business with enabling IT.
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Future State Build The complexity of the proposed changes and the nature of the organization are key factors in determining how implementation of operational improvements will actually be performed. To ensure that implementation is successful, PPI emphasizes a practical design, evaluation of enabling IT and integration of key performance metrics.
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Case Studies All PPI engagements are aimed at productivity improvement via increases in operational effectiveness and focused on accomplishing key project-specific objectives.
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