Build Competencies through Learning & Development

PPI offers Learning and Development services for organizations looking to build internal skill and knowledge in specialized areas.

PPI has also recognized specific leadership challenges facing mid-level managers in today’s dynamic workplace. This is particularly true in industries going through rapid change and demanding more business acumen and leadership breadth from their managers.

Learning and Development Supports Improvement and Efficiency

PPI offers a range of customized training solutions using our consulting expertise.

  • Instructional designers and technical writers with extensive experience in supplementing client project teams
  • Technical expertise with multimedia software, computer graphics and video production
  • Proven consulting skills to create collaborative and efficient solutions with "no surprises"
  • Enable gains in productivity via robust training programs that support business goals

Features of PPI L&D Expertise

Practical and relevant opportunities to put new knowledge and skills to use are key to learning retention. PPI developed courses:

  • Emphasize hands-on engagement with subject matter
  • Incorporate multiple activities and exercises designed to apply general course principles to real-world situations and provide participants with practical experience
  • Leverage the capabilities of highly skilled people
  • Motivate and inspire employees
  • Use appropriate technology for effective content delivery

PPI training programs are developed by highly experienced instructional designers and commonly provide (depending on specific client goals):

  • Clear, timely, measurable learning objectives linked to the business goals of training
  • Pre- and post-training assessments to help measure the attainment of the course objectives
  • Training content customized to meet client needs and goals
  • Detailed materials for participants and instructors designed to enable effective learning and facilitation
  • Supporting materials (e.g. toolkits, job aids, reference sheets) for post-training use on-the-job
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