Structured Settlements: Organizational Restructuring and Alignment

Client Project

  • As part of a project to assist a Client SBU reengineer processes around Structured Settlements, PPI conducted an end-to-end sales/service delivery process analysis and organizational assessment.
Business Challenge
  • The CBF business was supported by an organization that reflected geographic and systems structures rather than alignment with business needs. Rapid business growth, IT investments and new product launches added complexity and numerous moving parts onto the project.
Specific Recommendations and Findings
  • Organizational Analysis demonstrated the opportunity for greater organizational clarity, accountability, and streamlining suitably.

  • Skill sets could be better utilized under different support structures.

  • Economies of scale could be achieved through simultaneous process change.

  • Job enrichment, higher pay scales and greater employee retention would likely follow a proposed restructuring.

  • Support the executive management team in development and proposal of a more streamlined and accountable organization. The revised organization would be more closely aligned with the business value proposition and associated business imperatives.
Out Comes and Benefits to Date
  • Recommended Organization Changes were announced in fiscal 2008 and have been implemented during the course of fiscal 2009. These changes have resulted in greater focus on business coordination and efficiency, contributed to a more customer-centric organization and improved workforce.

  • Benefits also include:

    • Tighter financial and operational controls.
    • Procedural standardization and consolidation.
    • Productivity related to shifting non-value added work to value-added activities.
    • Improved alignment between business and organization objectives.
    • Increased planning effectiveness.